The Strength Of A Murphy Bed

The strength of a Murphy Bed

People ask a lot of questions about wall beds. (Here you can find a whole page of Frequently Asked Questions). One of the most commonly asked questions – it comes up nearly every day – is about the strength of the Murphy Bed.

More specifically, people want to know if the bed is tough enough for people to have sex on. This is not something everyone wants to talk about in a professional setting, but when discussing the purchase of a bed, it is an important topic. After all, nobody wants to have a bed that will break in the middle of a romantic encounter. The answer to this question in YES!

A Murphy Bed at Wilding Wallbeds has the highest quality in the industry. Not only will they withstand a romantic encounter, they are tested to hold 4,000 lbs. (piston lift models), and 2,000 lbs. (spring lift models and Murphy frame. This durability is mirrored in Wilding Wallbeds’ lifetime warranty.

The Piston Lift System

Murphy Beds in the HomeFront or Gallery Series are built with wooden legs. People often ask if the legs are strong enough. So, the crew at Wilding Wallbeds decided to show just how strong these beds are by doing some fun and unique experiments in a YouTube series called Will It Hold? The goal for this is two-fold. First, having some fun with current and potential customers. Secondly, to show the world exactly what kind of quality and durability the products have.

In these videos you can see a bed tested with very heavy objects to see if the bed can withstand the weight. The most notable of these experiments involved parking a Volkswagen Jetta that weighs in at more than 3,000 lbs. on a Brittany model Murphy Bed.

The bed is able to support all that weight because of the way the solid wood leg is attached to the plywood core face and hardwood inner frame. The inner frame acts like a ribcage that is between the face of the bed and the decking of the mattress. When the bed is in the down position, there is 9.5” of solid wood that is supporting the mattress and anything on it … including a Volkswagen Jetta!

Another common question about the piston lift leg system is, “What keeps the legs from closing when the bed is down?” The answer is the the legs use a patented hinge that allows the legs to rest directly on the face of the bed, rather than the hinge. This design sends all of the weight on the wood, instead of putting stress on the hinge.

The bed is attached to the wall on the top of the bridge board. This will restrict the range of motion on the bed – it won’t be able to move side to side or from front to back. The legs can only close if weight is taken off of the bed by raising it up to put away.

The Spring Lift System

The designs in the Studio Series are built with a metal frame. The leg is on a pivot that enables it to fold inside the bed when it is in the closed position. When in the open position, the leg is angled under the face of the bed. As more weight is placed on the bed, more pressure forces the leg under the bed. This clever design prevents the leg from slipping out – even during a romantic encounter.

The spring lift mechanism is tested up to 2,000 lbs. and is supported by the metal leg, plywood core face of the bed and the metal supports that are located under the mattress.

These supports are tough enough to hold thousands of pounds while being thin enough that you won’t feel them through the mattress.

With all of this support, your Wilding Wallbed is sure to last a lifetime, allowing you to rest assured that there will be romantic moments ruined by the failure of the bed.

Beds in the Studio Series mount to the wall – just the way the Homefront and Gallery Series beds do. Therefore, Studio Series beds also use a wall mount that inhibits the range of motion of the bed platform from side to side, as well as front to back. The bed cannot be moved away from the wall and the legs will not collapse.

The Murphy Bed Frame

The Murphy frame is almost entirely made out of steel. The only exception is the wooden European slats that support the mattress. The leg support is self-deploying as he bed goes up or down. The leg can only close if the mattress is lifted back to the vertical position. This eliminates the chance the leg will slip out, no matter what those are the bed are doing. The wooden slats are bowed up towards the mattress to create support and comfort. These slats are also tested up to 2,000 lbs so they are easily strong enough to support those using the bed.


Even though the discussion can be a little awkward and customers can be embarrassed to ask about it, it is important to know that your Wilding Wallbed is strong and sturdy enough for any “aggressive cuddling”, “afternoon delight” or “getting busy” sessions throw at it.

All three mechanisms used by Wilding Wallbeds are tested and warrantied. They are manufactured to create a quality product that will last for a lifetime. So, you can rest assured that your bed is ready to hold an immense amount of weight and stress. You’ll have nothing to worry about during those occasions when those using the bed cannot keep their hands off of each other.

About Wilding Wallbeds

Wilding Wallbeds has been building and shipping wall beds across the United States and Internationally since 1997. Because Wilding Wallbeds is the manufacturer, the pricing is direct. This allows you to save thousands of dollars on comparable products. Nowhere else will you find a greater selection of styles, wood types, colors and home office options.

Wilding Wallbeds leads the industry in innovation – creating the first Murphy Bunk Bed in the industry. Other innovations from Wilding include the “Hidden Locking Leg”, the solid wood bed face and the drop down table just to name a few. You’ll have the option to get customized cabinetry built to fit your available space. There is no better value for your hard earned dollar. You are never looked at as a number and your experience from order through setup will be a pleasant, helpful and informative experience.

Wilding Wallbeds mission statement is “Through team efforts, handcrafting the finest quality wall beds and innovative space-saving products that deliver superior value, and creating a positive customer experience through attention to detail and unsurpassed customer service. The company vision is “Saving space…beautifully, with quality and innovation, one customer at a time.” Contact Wilding Wallbeds today to learn more or get an order started.

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