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Wilding Wallbeds New Bed Builder

Wilding Wallbeds has recently launched a new online Bed Builder. With this new feature, you, the customer can design, quote, get dimensions for, and order a custom Wilding Wallbed directly from the website. The Bed Builder is designed to be easy to use, informative, and fun to experiment with. Continue reading for more about the

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Murphy Beds piston lift

Murphy Beds: Lift Mechanism Options

Wilding Wallbeds provides countless options and combinations when it comes to Murphy Beds. There are a lot of decisions to make. And one of the most important choices you will have is about which life mechanism you want. Spring lift or piston lift? The following should help you decide. Spring Lift Mechanism Gone are the

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Mattress maintenance

General Cleaning And Mattress Maintenance

Chances are you are going to spend more time in your bed than anywhere else. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation recommends about 8 hours each night for adults. So if you are sleeping like you should, you will end up spending a third of your life in bed. So, you are going to want

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The strength of a Murphy Bed

The Strength Of A Murphy Bed

People ask a lot of questions about wall beds. (Here you can find a whole page of Frequently Asked Questions). One of the most commonly asked questions – it comes up nearly every day – is about the strength of the Murphy Bed. More specifically, people want to know if the bed is tough enough

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