General Cleaning And Mattress Maintenance

Mattress maintenance

Chances are you are going to spend more time in your bed than anywhere else. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation recommends about 8 hours each night for adults. So if you are sleeping like you should, you will end up spending a third of your life in bed. So, you are going to want to have a bed that is comfortable, clean and well kept.

When you think of a comfortable bed, you probably think about your mattress. Having a great mattress is one thing. Having a mattress that stays great is even better. Here are a few tips to keeping your mattress in great shape so you can get the rest that you deserve.

How To Flip Your Mattress

Flipping your mattress is easy and an important thing to do. If you have a large mattress — like a queen or king size — you may need someone to assist you because they can be pretty heavy. All you do is flip the mattress over so the bottom is now at the top. You can flip it from the side of the bed or from the foot of the bed. It makes no difference. You should do this every year. Make it easier on yourself and do it every January 1st. When your calendar flips — so does your mattress. Easy to remember.

How To Rotate Your Mattress

The other thing you should do with your mattress every year is to rotate it. The reason for this is that it will re-position the springs so you are sleeping on a different set twice per year. This will let them wear out more slowly. The correct way to rotate a mattress is just to spin it around so your feet will now rest where your head was resting. For example, if you pillow is currently at 12:00, move that place to 6:00. Again, if you have a queen or king size bed, you might need someone to assist you with this process. For an easy reminder, mark your calendar for July 1st as your rotation date. It’s the day of the year when the earth’s rotation around the sun is halfway complete. Or something like that…

There are several more ways you can help your mattress to stay in great shape for as long as possible. Here are a few of them courtesy of Amerisleep.

Keep It Supported Properly

It is very important to make sure that your mattress has the right support underneath it. That may mean getting a box spring to match — but it doesn’t have to. Doing this will help preserve the materials in the mattress. You can check with the manufacturer the warranty for more information on what is recommended.

In general, box springs go with spring mattresses, memory foam and other types need more solid support. Beds with a frame should be able to support sleepers and a mattress. Queen and king size mattresses should have some center support bars. When you flip your mattress would be a good time to take a quick look at your bed support and make sure that it is holding up like it should.

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Use A Mattress Protector

It’s called a protector for a reason. Using one is an easy way to help your bed stay nicer for longer. They are waterproof and will be a defender against anything that is spilled or accidents that may happen. It will also help to keep dust and dirt out of your bed. And when an accident does happen, and it will if you have kids, the amount of work required for cleanup is much smaller.

Keep Everything Clean

Of course a great mattress is important, but don’t forget about your sheets and pillowcase. You will sleep much better knowing that your sheets and pillowcase are as they should be. Everybody sweats and sheds dead skin cells while sleeping, so it is important to do more than just changing your sheets. But this is about more than just clean sheets. This dirty stuff can make its way into your mattress layers — leading to bacteria and dust mites. It is recommended to wash everything at least every other week.

No Pets

Speaking of keeping things clean — you’ll need to give your pets their own place to sleep so they don’t make your bed dirty. No matter how well you take care of them, animals are going to get dirty outside, drool and leave hair behind. And if your pet has an accident on the bed, it might even need to be replaced (the bed, not the pet).

It’s Not A Trampoline

There’s a reason people say not to jump on the bed. Certainly, spring, water and air beds are going to suffer if they are treated rough with people doing things like jumping on the bed. But, your foundations, frames and foam aren’t built for that kind of a beating either.

Be Careful When Moving

Moving is a major pain. It takes a lot of work to pack everything up and package your belongings in a way that will protect them during the move. You should cover your mattress in plastic to protect it during this process. Also, make sure to avoid bending or folding it. You might be able to get heavy-duty mattress bags from a moving or box store that you can use during the move. Another suggestion would be to keep your mattress upright on its side during transit to avoid and sagging.

Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

This is more than just a cute thing to say to your kids at bedtime. You don’t want to be sharing your bed with these dirty little critters. This is for your personal health of course, but bedbugs will also destroy your mattress. And they are hard to get rid of. If you are spending the night somewhere other than your home, do a quick check of the bed you are in for any signs of bed bugs. In some areas where bedbugs are common, a bedbug-proof mattress encasement is a good idea. These have zippers that will keep the bugs out and they cover all sides of the bed.

Bed Care — Because We Care

Wilding Wallbeds wants to help you get the most out of your bed — whether it is a Murphy Bed, wall bed or a regular bed. That is the reason behind the Ultimate Bed Care Guide. With the proper maintenance, your bed should keep you comfortable for years to come. Take care of your bed and it will take care of you. For more information about bed maintenance, check out these guides on Taking Care Of Your Sheets And Pillowcase; Pillow, Blanket And Comforter Care; How To Clean Your Mattress And Box Spring and Stains And How To Clean Them. Or you can contact Wilding Wallbeds for assistance with any bed care questions and concerns.

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