Treasure Valley Murphy Beds

Downtown Boise in the Treasure Valley

The Treasure Valley in Idaho is part of the larger more highly populated area of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. This includes the cities of Boise and its subsidiaries of Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell, etc. This area is very popular for many reasons. We’re talking about things like its beautiful landscape, Boise State University and it’s well-known blue turf that attracts people from all over for their frequently nationally televised football games. With this influx of people coming into the area, you should consider owning Treasure Valley Murphy Beds from Wilding Wallbeds. They are an excellent way to start a conversation as well as comfort for your guests.

Wilding Wallbeds is a Southwest U.S. company that is dedicated to their customers. Ensuring that customers get exactly what they want out of their Treasure Valley Murphy Beds is the number one priority. With many different options such as the style of wallbed and a variety of different wood types — Wilding Wallbeds meets the needs of all of our customers.

Treasure Valley Murphy Beds For You

If you are a resident of the Treasure Valley area and are looking for a Murphy Bed, then look no further than Wilding Wallbeds. Our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and the installation of your wallbed. The best parts of the Treasure Valley Murphy Beds are what’s hidden in the details. Perhaps you are going for a more subtle look for your wallbed. While it is put away during the day, you may want something that is more of a conversation piece. Here are some great ideas for a wallbed that you may not have thought of.

Murphy Bed Ideas

  • The Murphy Bed. The original wallbed that Wilding Wallbeds is known for. This is the classic that many people think of when wallbed comes to mind. It is timeless and is sure to be a great addition to your home or office.
  • A dual functioning bed. Maybe you are looking for something a bit more functional. A Treasure Valley Murphy Bed can just as easily be a functioning part of your home rather than just a piece of furniture you sleep on. You can have side panels or a desk installed that can open while the bed is not in use. A great addition could be an ironing board or possibly a place to store clothes with hangers. There are endless possibilities when it comes to Treasure Valley Murphy Beds.
  • Bookcase Wallbed. This wallbed is one of the more popular styles. While the bed is up, this wallbed looks just like a bookcase where you can store your books and anything else you may want to have on display. It is classic and is sure to have all of your guests asking about it.
  • Powered Wallbed. This type of wallbed is excellent if you are not interested in the classic pull-down wallbed that many people are accustomed to. This wallbed is all powered by electricity and can be raised and lowered with just the push of a button. It is truly a marvel of technology. It is also great for people who may be older or less capable of bringing the bed up and down between sleeping on it and having it put away.

Your Very Own Murphy Bed Supplier 

Once the decision has been made to install Treasure Valley Murphy Beds in your home or office, it is time to decide on a few different criteria.

Wood Type

  • For example, the type of wood used in building a wallbed is always the highest quality possible. You are never going to have a Wilding wallbed built using particleboard. They will always be made using solid wood, the type of which is determined by you. These wallbeds are built to last a lifetime, so you know that when you are buying a wallbed and having it installed, you are making a lifelong investment that is more than worth it. Here are just a few wood styles that you can choose from for your Treasure Valley Murphy Beds.
    • Oak: A classic traditional look that you are probably used to seeing all over. It can match with just about anything and comes in a variety of different grain patterns and shades. You can never go wrong with oak.
    • Mahogany: A great wood, darker in finish, but looks absolutely fantastic when it is matched up with its surroundings. When it comes to Mahogany you know that you are investing in quality.
    • Painted Finish: Painted finishes are more appealing to people who prefer a modern look. A great painted finish in the shade of your choice will be sure to make the room pop. Without a doubt, it will be the center of attention.

Where You Live

  • Regardless of where you are living in Idaho, Wilding Wallbeds is sure to accommodate you and make sure that you receive your wallbed. We have plenty of shipping options for you to choose from — no matter if you live in the Treasure Valley or these other locations in Idaho.
    • Boise, the capital of Idaho with its population of 230,000, is known for the famous blue turf at Boise State University. When you are a resident of Boise, you more than likely know people that are excited to come and watch their nationally ranked football team. A Treasure Valley Murphy Bed makes a great addition to any home for the guests that come stay with you.
    • Idaho Falls, one of the fastest-growing cities in the country has all the more reason for wallbed installation. It is a hub for many business and fun things to do such as playing disc golf, visiting the historic downtown and much more. People are going to want to come and stay with you while they visit. So why not have them visit in style and sleep on a fantastic Murphy Bed from Wilding Wallbeds.
    • Pocatello, home of the Idaho State University Bengals, is a great town. It is known as the “Gateway to the Northwest.” Pocatello is a great place to enjoy the scenery as it lies in a valley surrounded by beautiful hills and skylines. Why wouldn’t your family and friends want to come and visit while also being able to enjoy your newly installed wallbed? In fact, a Murphy Bed would make a great addition to a dorm if you are attending ISU.

Why Choose Wilding Wallbeds?

Wilding Wallbeds has been manufacturing and shipping wallbeds internationally since 1997. To put it simply, we have an excellent track record and are a company you can trust and rely on to get you the product that you want. We have everything you need from wood styles, wallbed styles, colors, and much more for you to choose from. For more information, check out our About Us page or our FAQ page.

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